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Why You Need to Stop Online Dating ASAP..

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The other day I’m talking with one of my former coaches, who also happens to be my bff, and he told me he’s sworn off online dating…


Because he did a little experiment, and he found he can meet much more women in person, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

You see this dude is an online dating MASTER, as a matter of fact 5 years ago we lived in Vegas together, and I saw his skills first hand.

He was so good that I let him take over my match and okcupid profiles, and paid him $20 for every date he got me…

But I had to stop, because he was getting me so many dates that I didn’t have time (or money) to continue.

I literally had at least 7 dates a week…it was absolutely insane…

So if this dude can get new girls every night of the week with online dating sites…why did he quit?

His reasoning was simple, and I completely agree…

First off, there are only so many girls online.

You’re eventually going to message all the attractive girls in your area, and soon you won’t have any new women to talk to…

If you’re decent you’re going to meet a bunch of girls the first few months you join a site, but then the number of women you talk to and meet drastically declines after a few months…
Remember earlier how I told you my buddy did a little experiment?

What he did was simple…he went to a very popular bar, every single day, for two weeks to meet women…

Monday through Thursday he went for Happy Hour, Friday and Saturday he’d go there at night, and then he’d show up for Sunday brunch…

In those two weeks not only did he meet close to thirty he ended up going on dates with…

But he claims the women are hotter at bars than online. (this seems like a no brainer)

And of course if you get good enough there will be times when you’re on fire, get a few phone numbers, and still sleep with a girl you met that very night.

So why do guys even rely so heavily on online dating, when you can meet higher quality women in person?

Because it’s comfortable…

But this actually works to your advantage…so many guys are dependent on online dating, which leaves women getting hit on a lot less when they go out, making meeting women today a whole lot easier…

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To your success,
-Adam Williams

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