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I have a little surprise for you!

It’s a simple line that works so well, it’s almost a cheat code…

I got it from my good buddy, who was a former executive coach for me a few years back, and is a total badass with women.

And not only am I going to tell you what the line is, but I’m also going to tell you why it works so damn well, and how to pull it off so you almost never get rejected.

Before I get into this killer line, there are a few more important aspects I need to cover…

Try making eye contact with every woman who crosses your path, and when a woman does hold eye contact with you, smile 🙂

Next when you approach this woman you smiled at, make sure not to break eye contact, and you want your head to be pointed toward her, but not your shoulders or your feet.

This is important, your feet pointing toward someone is a massive indicator of interest, so if you approach her and your feet are pointing toward her, her immediate thought process is “he wants something from me.”

But if you stand with your feet pointing away from her, almost like you’re talking to her over your shoulder, she’ll get the impression that you’re not going to stick around, and this simple little hack makes getting rejected almost impossible.

And once you got these simple body language adjustments going, you tell her:

“Hi, I just wanted to say I think you’re super cute, and I would hold your hand and skip down the street with you so hard. Hi, I’m ________.”

I know…the line sounds a little out there.

But here’s why it works so well.

Yeah it’s silly, I know, but it’s also direct in a very non-threatening way, which doesn’t just make it seem like you have massive balls, but that you’re also clever and creative.

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There’s a reason I’m sharing this with you though…

It’s because we’re in a weird period of time.

For the first time in a while we’re living in a generation where men are getting laid less than their fathers did at their age.

Not only that, but only around 20% of guys out there are getting 80% of the women.

This 20% club isn’t full of rich, handsome, and buff dudes either…

You see women WANT to be approached, they want to be charmed, and they want to be seduced.

But we live in an age where everyone is afraid to really take action, because they can always hit on girls from the safety of their smartphones.

So when a guy does something unique or clever in person she instantly MELTS…

We want to show you how to be the kind of guy who can go anywhere, strike a regular conversation with a girl, and easily get her number and get her excited to go on a date with you..

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To your success,

-Adam Williams

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