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To My Fellow Nerds… (engineers, accountants, IT guys, etc)

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A lot of guys just don’t understand…

It’s not about being good looking, well dressed, rich, buff, or even a smooth talker.

It’s all about making her feel good.

What do I mean?

If you can make her feel good about herself…

Make her feel special…

And especially if you want to get her hot and bothered…

You have to believe that you’re the kind of guy who can make it happen.

You have to believe you’re the kind of guy who she’s going to daydream about while she’s at work, the guy who makes her anxiously stare at her phone waiting for your text, and the kind of guy who she fantasizes about being in bed with as she lays her head on the pillow before going to sleep…

Some guys naturally have this unshakeable belief in themselves, and women can read it pretty easily.

(those are the guys who get the hottest girls and date girls who are “out of their league”)

But other guys…the more analytical guys…

The engineers, doctors, computer programmers, IT guys, the thinkers, the geeks, and the nerds (myself included)…

I’ve noticed that A LOT of these guys tend to be in their head, they over analyze the situation, and that sort of overthinking and uncertainty isn’t attractive to women.

Unfortunately I’ve spoken with community members who have this problem.

And this lack in faith in yourself is a major ‘hot girl’ repellant…

Luckily for you, all you have to do is change the way you view the world, and yourself.

This is so crucial, it’s one of the first things we work on with our new clients when they join our Platinum Coaching program.

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Once you can learn to live in the moment…

Stop over analyzing every situation that you’re in…

And start having some confidence in yourself…

Then women will start to notice you more.

You’ll get more sideways glances when you walk down the street.

You’ll have more women at coffee shops, restaurants, work, etc. start flirting with you.

They’ll become touchier, you’ll get more phone numbers, go on more dates, and sleep with the kinds of girls you’ve always wanted to.

All from a simple shift in your mindset…

Click here now and schedule a call with us…

We’ll help you get clear on the biggest hurdles holding you back from more success with women …and craft a step by step game plan together on how you can become the kind of man who has the unshakeable confidence that women fantasize about.

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Yeah these calls are short, but often it’s the small simple tweaks — small things you’re doing that you’re not aware of, that are turning women off to you.

And that’s all we really want for our community members…

We just want you dating awesome and hot girls, which is why we do these free calls!

But…please only schedule a call if you’re serious about improving your love life.

We have limited coaches, limited time, and we only want to take on guys who are serious, and who aren’t gonna cancel last minute.

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To your success,

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Adam Williams

Globally recognized authority on helping men go from lonely & settling, to “batting out of their league”, while being completely themselves.

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