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Hi, I'm Adam!

From Decades Of Introspective Work We’ve
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Hi, I'm Alex!

Childhood friends with Adam, Alex was
also Adam’s first coaching student.

Self described as skinny and nerdy, Alex always felt like he wanted to and could be more outgoing, but his insecurities kept him trapped in a life he wasn’t happy with.

Even if a girl showed clear interest, he experienced very real anxiety and almost paralyzing fear to make any sort of “move”. Exactly why Alex always found himself in the friend zone when it came to women.

Ultimately all his female “friends” found relationships with someone else and Alex was crushed. Feeling like an outcast, he began shutting himself off from the outside world and became addicted to video games to cope with the pain of being alone.

But after Adam stepped in, took Alex under his wing, and showed him the proven process to get the women he always wanted to start chasing him? Alex made it his life mission to help those suffering just like he did break out of their shell and start dating high-caliber women as well.

The Setup (What Life Was Like Before)


Adam and Alex are childhood friends who constantly felt powerless, insecure, and frustrated when it came to social situations. They found it easier to keep to themselves rather than try to navigate the elusive recipe for how to find acceptance and companionship.

By the time they got to high school, neither was anywhere close to having a relationship with a woman, much less asking a girl out. They were crippled into existing on the outside.

The Crisis (What Forced Them To Change)


Well into their 20’s, while everyone was getting married or starting a family, they were facing the fact that they would probably spend their life alone.

Adam decided to lose some weight and he started to explore bodybuilding believing it might give him a chance to gain a little confidence. Somewhere in the meat-market world, he stumbled upon a coaching company that specialized in how a man could reform his dating game and for the first time Adam realized that his mountain of fear could be conquered.

The Pursuit (Steps Taken By Hero)


Adam enrolled in a dating course and armed with a new way of life, he went out on a date with a girl who he’d been interested in for awhile. He wrote down all the steps he was supposed to follow to keep the conversation vibing.

But when things began to falter, he excused himself to go to the bathroom where he furiously took out his notes, trying to get things back on track. But this strict strategy did not apply to what he was up against. It was overwhelming and not being able to make a decision he descended into a disintegrating mess.

Conflict/Pursuit Part II


Not to be deterred, Adam’s pursuit to working on his dating skills parlayed into a new career for him and Alex and they landed positions in sales for an infamous coaching company that was led by one of the country’s most sought after gurus.

While the clients flocked in, Adam had concerns about if his clients were really going to get the help they desperately wanted because, as he experienced before, the guru’s advice was a black and white system that was based on himself and not the individuals he was guiding.

Unexpectedly, all the company’s trainers quit, and Adam and Alex had to step into their place. They decided to secretly test their version of the kind of coaching they thought would be better suited on a select group of candidates.

The response they had was outstanding and they realized they were onto something special. They decided to go off on their own and finally offer what had taken them several decades of their own trials to figure out.

Climax (What Success Looks Like)


From establishing The Upgraded Man, Adam and Alex have been able to build the community of like-minded men that they always wanted to be a part of. 

They are both in healthy relationships and are enjoying a wealth of personal connections that keep them engaged in everything from hosting game nights to binge watching parties. 

The Aftermath (What Life Looks Like Now And What They Recommend To Others)


Your inner critic is the biggest bully that you’ll ever have to face. Until you get to be good with yourself and who you are, you’re going to struggle with what acceptance and attraction look like. 

Everyone has the ability to find a partner who is their equal. But you have to do the hard work on yourself. To meet the best you have to be at your best.




Adam’s incredible journey from being awkward, shy and always finding himself in the ‘friend zone’ to being very confident and magnetic in front of women is nothing short of inspirational. Over the past 15+ years, Adam has coached men from 22 countries around the world helping them make the same transformation in their journey to find love with quality, spectacular women.



For the past decade, Alex has worked with men from all around the world. He has helped men go from shy and reserved (like he used to be) to empowered, confident and having the skill set it takes to land a beautiful girlfriend. Alex has helped men realize their true potential when it comes to finding love with an amazing woman.



Andy was a hopeless teenager before Adam and Alex showed him the way. After radically transforming his dating life during a trip with Adam and Alex to South America, he became a coach and joined the team. Since then Andy has helped 100’s of guys find love and step into their awesomeness. The rest is history. In his spare time, Andy likes to shred his drums, pick up heavy objects and find ways to do things that no one else thinks of.


Creative Director

A former Beauty Queen, Ella knows exactly how men can attract a high quality woman. Over the last 5+ years, our clients have been transformed by Ella’s straight forward, practical advice. In her spare time, you can catch Ella on a tropical beach or orchestrating some of the most fun & creative parties in the world (just ask our Platinum Live students! )


Accountability Coach

McKenna grew up in New York and starred as a 3 sport athlete and fashion model into her college days. Along with being comfortable in front of the camera, she has always had a knack for making everyone around her feel comfortable as well. As a member of our Client Success team, she helps men realize and embrace their inner awesomeness.


IT Director

Zeeshan is our Oz behind the curtain, making sure our clients are delivered the life-changing training they need each week, that our daily tips and videos make it to your inbox, and that nothing burns down in the process.



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